Not Getting Emails :(

ok so if you have written us on tickets here at and are not getting any responses here is why.

EMAIL IS UNRELIABLE! there i said it... we can all chill now ;)

so here is the remedy.

1. make sure you check all your spam filters several times... this is the number one cause of customer issues... not getting emails... remember it is your job to make sure you get the emails... so make sure you know where they are going.

2. if you are on or hotmail... eeeek they dont let some of our stuff thru... so perhaps get another email or check this site... this new support site allows you to check the tickets without logging into youremail... all you need is a little account and you are good to go :-)

3. if all else fails get us on live chat and we can help... if we are not on live chat... make a ticket... we will get it and you can say... im not getting emails... include some info so we can contact you.

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