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Software Desktop / Toolbar / EXE Not Downloading

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Ok... here is the deal...

all of our softwares have an online version and a download version... they are both the exact same... in fact the only thing you are downloading is a link page in chrome... we just make it look really fancy and cool.

so if you want to use the downloads... just make sure you allow it in your virus programs and firewall and everything... virus programs always block programs that are from smaller publishers... even with 10,000 plus customers we are still considered small... perhaps its because im 5'1 lol or could be the fact that i get propositioned by the virus companies to pay them so they can call me not a virus... at any rate i digress....

so option 1. allow it in the virus programs... just click run anyway or whatever... its safe because the virus program still scans it even when you allow it.

option 2. bypass the download and just login... its the same exact thing.

you can login at

all your online versions of all your programs will be there.

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